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Homemade Puff Pastry

We aren't just doing some easy rough puff pastry here, this is a proper laminated puff pastry dough recipe. INGREDIENTS: 2.5 cups (320g)...

We aren't just doing some easy rough puff pastry here, this is a proper laminated puff pastry dough recipe.


  • 2.5 cups (320g) all purpose flour

  • 3/4 cup (177g) cold water

  • 1 tsp (7g) fine sea salt

  • 1 cup plus 2 Tbsp (227g) unsalted cold butter


Example Folding Schedule:

  • 10:00am - Make dough and butter block and refrigerate

  • 10:35am - Encase butter into dough roll and letter fold, turn 90 degrees and repeat roll and letter fold. Fridge for 30 minutes (2 folds done)

  • 11:15 am - Repeat two more folds, letting the dough rest in the fridge if necessary (now at 4 folds). Once folds are complete, rest in the fridge for 30 more minutes.

  • 11:55 am - Perform 2 more folds totaling at 6 (you will likely need to rest the dough in the fridge after the 5th fold if it won't roll out).

  • 12:30 am - Once all 6 folds are done, wrap your dough and rest in the fridge for 1-3 days then use in whatever recipe you're making. (maybe beef wellington *wink* *wink*.


  1. Start off by combining fine sea salt with all-purpose flour and give it a whisk. Once that’s thoroughly incorporated, stream in cold water. Knead a few times to make sure it’s all combined and the flour is hydrated.

  2. To roll your dough out into a perfect 7x7 inch square, place your dough on a sheet of wax paper. Fold the wax paper so that the edges make a 7x7 inch square. Roll out your dough using a rolling pin to fill in the edges. Place the dough in the fridge.

  3. Take your cold unsalted butter and cut it into cubes; sprinkling lightly with flour. Gently beat it together using a rolling pin until it comes together to form a solid mass. Fold it over using a bench scraper and continue this process until its’ smooth and cohesive.

  4. Place your butter on a sheet of wax paper and repeat the process like the dough; but shaping it to be a 4x4 inch square. Place in your fridge alongside your dough and let it rest for 30 minutes.

  5. Take your dough and butter out of the fridge and lightly dust your work surface. Slightly roll out the points of your dough to elongate them; then place your butter square in the center positioned at a diagonal.

  6. Fold the edges of the dough over the butter so that they all meet together, then gently pinch the edges together.

  7. Roll your dough out into a long rectangle measuring 12 inches in length and 6 inches in width. Fold the top part of the rectangle ⅓ of the way down; then the bottom ⅓ to overlap the top fold.

  8. Rotate your dough 90 degrees and roll it again into a rectangle 12x6 inches. Perform the same folding technique. Let your dough rest wrapped in the fridge if necessary.

  9. Perform two more folds, and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take it out and perform two more folds again, for a total of 6 folds.

  10. *See timing chart above*

  11. Once you’ve done a total of 6 folds, let it rest for 1 hour before rolling your pastry out.

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