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I'm Joshua Weissman.

Starting from my home kitchen at the age of 3 to being one of the most renowned chefs in the world, I deliver value to people as much as possible.

Joshua hold garlics

I was introduced to the kitchen when I was 3-years old by my mother, who is an avid and talented cook.

In serendipity I ended up discovering my passion very early on in life which was inevitably cooking.

It was from this first moment, when I started cooking in the kitchen with my mom, that I aspired to become the best I could be at cooking.

I wanted to (and still do) go absolutely tunnel vision on food and cooking only, and I was lucky enough to figure that out very early in life.

Despite all this love for good food, my childhood was actually probably the darkest time of my life. Seems like a pretty weird way to start this off, but I’ll explain. From my elementary years, all the way up to my freshman year of high-school, I was severely isolated and bullied for being overweight because, well, a kid liked to eat and cook and played a lot of video games. It was tough, not gonna lie.

I was constantly laughed at and made fun of for my love for cooking. It got to a point where it was so bad that I ate lunch in my mom’s car for the majority of my schooling career. I’m very thankful for having parents who instilled such an incredibly strong mindset in me so that I could keep pressing on despite all this.


At age 16, through a whole lot of determination and love and support from my parents, I lost over 100 pounds. Two years after that, I published a cookbook about that journey. (But if y’all are about to ask me where this book is, good luck finding it because it is no longer in print. Very sorry about that. I might just do a video on it soon.)

Joshua smiles with cooking torch

At age 18, it was obviously time to dip on the nest, so I moved to Austin, Texas, where shortly after I started my professional journey in the fine-dining scene-- one of the most prominent being Uchiko, where I worked as a lead cook for a few years. By age 22 I had amassed a remarkable amount of knowledge stemming from 13 years of consistent hard work and cooking that I decided to start creating Youtube videos about food. I have a lot of goals and dreams, but you’ll have to watch my videos to get a better idea on what’s going on nowadays. As I write this, I am happy to say that I am full-time self-employed by the age of 25, working in the thing that I am most passionate about, to deliver as much value as possible to people.

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