Homemade Gravlox

Gravlox also known as gravlax, is one of my most favorite foods of all time. Often confused with smoked salmon, which is typically hot smoked rather than cured and served raw or cold smoked like lox.


  • Center cut Salmon fillet skin on (ideally 1.5 pounds or 682g)

  • 15% salt

  • 15% sugar

  • Fresh dill

  • other aromatics

  • 3% gin or other liquor (optional)

  • 1% pink curing salt for cold smoking (optional)



  1. Take the weight in grams of your salmon with it’s skin on and multiply it by 0.15. This will be the gram weight for both your sugar and salt. Whisk salt and sugar together.

  2. Take long sheets of plastic wrap and lay them one over the other to form a cross. Sprinkle half your cure in the center of the cross and spread it to be the size of your salmon piece.

  3. Lay your salmon skin side down onto the cure mixture.

  4. *optional to drizzle the surface of your salmon with liquor.*

  5. Sprinkle the remaining cure over the entire surface of the salmon, making sure to coat it edge to edge.

  6. Add enough fresh dill to coat the surface; then wrap it up tightly, making sure it’s completely encased with no leakage.

  7. Place in a rimmed dish, place another flat bottomed dish on top and weigh it down with heavy objects.

  8. Place in the fridge and allow to cure for 1-3 days.