McDonald's Hash Browns (But Better)

Ah, the quintessential breakfast hashbrown from Mcdonald's. Unbeatable right? Or maybe we can make a homemade hash brown that is easy and only 3 ingredients. Maybe we'll win this one at the same time too?


Baking Trays

Staub 7 qt. Round Cocottes

Checkered Chef Quarter Sheet Pan


  • 2lb (900g) russet potatoes, peeled and grated

  • 3.5 qt (3.3 liters) duck fat

  • Salt to taste



  1. Start by rinsing and peeling the russet potatoes, make sure all the potato skin is removed.

  2. Using a box grater, grate each potato and place the gratings into a large bowl. Cover with water, agitate to rinse off any excess starch, drain the water from the potatoes, and place the potatoes on a clean cloth.

  3. Gather up the sides of the cloth, wind it around and tighten around the potatoes and wring out the excess liquid.

  4. In a large heavy bottom pot, add in the duck fat along with the potatoes (while cold) and mix together.

  5. Place pot over medium heat. Let heat up from cold, stirring occasionally until it reaches 215°F.

  6. Immediately strain the oil out of the potatoes. Reserve the fat to the side.

  7. Pour the potatoes out onto a rimmed lined baking sheet. Spread them out and season generously with salt. Mix to incorporate.

  8. Once potatoes are cool enough to handle, line a baking sheet with wax paper and place potatoes onto wax paper shaped (by hand) into the classic hash brown oval shape (2.5” wide x 3.5” long, & 3 ¼” thick). Pat potatoes tightly together.

  9. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator to chill overnight.

  10. Heat the reserve duck fat over medium heat until it reaches 355°F.

  11. Lower in the cold hash brown and fry for 3-6 minutes. **Recommend doing no more than 2 at a time**

  12. Once golden browns and crisp, transfer the hash browns to a wire rack to cool. Salt to taste.