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Homemade Tres Leches

Sure, tres leches (which translates to "three milks") is an ultra moist cake, but what if we made everything from scratch AND introduced...

Sure, tres leches (which translates to "three milks") is an ultra moist cake, but what if we made everything from scratch AND introduced a fourth "milk"? Call it Cuatro Leches.



Evaporated Milk:

  • 3.5 cup (820ml) whole milk


  • 6 eggs separated

  • 3/4 tsp (2g) vanilla extract

  • 1/2 cup (120ml) whole milk

  • 1 cup (220g) granulated sugar

  • 1.5 cup (225g) all-purpose flour

  • 1/2 tsp 3g fine sea salt

  • 1.5 tsp 7g baking powder

  • 14 oz (400ml) sweetened condensed milk or one can

  • 12oz (350ml) evaporated milk or one can

  • 1 vanilla bean *optional*

  • 1/2 cup (120ml) heavy cream

Dulce De Leche:

  • 4 cups 1-liter milk

  • 1.25 (270g) cups sugar



  1. In a medium bowl, crack in the eggs then separate the yolks into a large bowl.

  2. Beat the egg yolks using an electric beater on high speed. Slowly add in granulated sugar until all the sugar is added. Beat in vanilla extract along with whole milk.

  3. Separately with the egg whites, beat on high speed until frothy.

  4. Add in granulated sugar in batches while continuing to beat. Beat until stiff peaks.

  5. Fold both mixtures together.

  6. Separately mix together all-purpose flour, fine sea salt, and baking powder. Once mixed add to other mixture and fold until combined.

  7. Prepare a 9x13 baking pan by generously greasing it with nonstick cooking spray.

  8. Pour the sponge cake batter into the pan and toss into the oven set at 350F for 25-30 minutes then cool completely.

  9. For the evaporated milk, lightly simmer whole milk, stirring occasionally, in a medium saucepan for 25 minutes. Once reduced, strain into a separate container.

  10. In a medium size bowl, combine sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, vanilla bean, and heavy cream. Whisk together.

  11. Using a fork, poke holes across the cold spong cake and pour on the milk mixture across the whole cake. Cover with plastic wrap and fridge for 1 hour to overnight.

  12. For the dulce de leche, combine whole milk with granulated sugar. Simmer over medium heat. Reduce to medium-low once simmering. Heat and stir often for 90 minutes until thickened and cool at room temperature.

  13. Remove the spong cake from the fridge, cover evenly across the top with the dulce de leche.

  14. Whip heavy cream with granulated sugar until a fluffy whipped cream. Spread across the cake and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.

23 opmerkingen

08 jan.

i added 65grams if coco powder and 15 grams of instant coffee with adding the milk i added 100ml and disolved 15gram of instant coffee in the rest of milk 20ml then added that to the mixture with the coco powder i added that to the dry mix

the coffee is to help the chocolate flavor is deffo a must


Elan Cardona
Elan Cardona
19 nov. 2023

Made this recipe twice already and I will never make a different version! Everyone loves it and it’s my fav!


Kavita Pujari
Kavita Pujari
20 feb. 2023

Made this recipe and it turned out extremely delicious. Gave it a tropical twist by using coconut extract, coconut milk, coconut heavy cream, evaporated coconut milk and sweetened condensed coconut milk. Topped it with dairy whipped cream, toasted coconut flakes, pineapple chunks and sliced cherries.


Jeff C
Jeff C
27 dec. 2022

Made this for Christmas and it was amazing! Use the recipe to measure out your ingredients and use the video for instructions. Like a few people pointed out, the recipe was transcribed poorly…just watch the video. I would recommend making the dolce de leche by boiling a can of condensed milk. It comes out a perfect cake spreading consistency and it‘s way easier to make. All in all, this cake was incredible and I’ll definitely be making it again!


Artem A
Artem A
27 nov. 2022

Made it. Great! Had to watch video and read recipe at least 10 times after that made my own notes and it helped. In my case dolche de leiche also turned out to be too thick but i've added some butter so it was ok, Also added some salt to dolche de leiche.


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