You need 2 ingredients to make good Sauerkraut. All you need is salt, and cabbage.And with Oktoberfest being here, now is the perfect time to start some.


Kitchen Scale

Mason Jar Airlocks

Mason Jar Fermentation Weights


Ratio: 2% salt from total weight of cabbage

  • Green Cabbage

  • 2% kosher salt


  1. Cut cabbage in half, and then in quarters.

  2. Slice out core.

  3. Slice thinly as possible

  4. Weigh on scale, the multiply the total weight of cabbage by .02 to determine the salt needed.

  5. Bruise cabbage so it releases a lot of liquid. This is about a 2-5 minute process.

  6. When transferring into a tight container, include the liquid. Firmly press down so that the liquid covers the top of the product.

  7. Cover with crumpled plastic wrap with a weight inside.

  8. Use airlock to let air out. If not, burp daily. Do not screw way too tight or it will explode.

  9. Check product after two weeks.

  10. Reserve in fridge, and use as needed.