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Homemade Mac and Cheese

Homemade mac and cheese is not only one of the easiest things to make, but it's also one of the most satisfying. Nothing feels better...

Homemade mac and cheese is not only one of the easiest things to make, but it's also one of the most satisfying. Nothing feels better than having such a level of control in your own life that you make macaroni and cheese from scratch.


Regular Mac n' Cheese Ingredients -

  • Water

  • Salt

  • 1/2 lb Macaroni (or pasta of choice)

Velvet Cheese Sauce Ingredients -

  • 2 Tbsp (28 g) Unsalted Butter

  • 2 Tbsp (18 g) All-Purpose Flour

  • 1 cup (240 ml) Whole Milk

  • 2 cups (180 g) Cheese, grated (1/2 Raclette, 1/2 Cheddar)

  • 3.5 Tbsp (55 g) Crème Fraîche

  • Salt

Family Style Oven Mac n' Cheese Ingredients -

  • Breadcrumb Topping -

  • 3/4 cup (58 g) Panko Breadcrumbs

  • 1 Tbsp (9 g) Za'atar

  • 2 tsp (3 g) Fresh Thyme, finely chopped

  • 4 Tbsp (56 g) Melted Unsalted Butter

Pasta Portion Ingredients -

  • 3 cups (250 g) Cheddar

  • 3 cups (250 g) Gruyère

  • 1 lb Macaroni

  • 1/3 cup (73 g) Unsalted Butter

  • 1/3 cup (50 g) All-purpose Flour

  • 3 cups (720 ml) Whole Milk

Healthy Low-Calorie Mac n' Cheese Ingredients -

  • 1 lb Shell Pasta (Brown rice pasta)

  • Salt

  • Water

Low-Calorie Cheese Sauce Ingredients -

  • 1 Head Cauliflower

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup (90 g) Cheddar, grated

  • 1 Tbsp (14 g) Nutritional Yeast

  • 2 tsp (6 g) Turmeric powder

  • Salt

  • Pepper


Mac and Cheese 3 Ways

  1. For the first Mac and Cheese, season your boiling water generously with salt. Add your pasta of choice and cook just until al dente. Drain the pasta and set it to the side.

  2. Add your butter to a medium saucepan on medium heat. Once melted, add an equal part flour and mix for about 45 seconds. Now, slowly add your whole milk and keep whisking on medium heat until it thickens.

  3. Introduce your cheese to the saucepan and whisk until velvety smooth. Finish off by whisking in a little bit of creme fraiche. Finally, add back your cooked pasta and toss to coat each noodle with the sauce.

  4. For your family-style macaroni and cheese, start by mixing your bread crumbs, za’atar, and fresh chopped thyme. Mix all together until combined and mix in your melted unsalted butter. For your cheese mixture, in a second bowl mix your shredded cheddar and gruyere.

  5. To cook the macaroni, in a large pot boil just before al dente, strain, and set aside. In the same saucepan, melt your butter over medium heat and add your flour. Cook for 45 seconds and then slowly whisk in your milk until it begins to thicken. Then add 4 cups of the cheese mixture making sure to save the leftover. Stir until sauce forms and add back in your pasta.

  6. In a medium-sized baking dish, pour in half your mac and cheese, add your remaining cheese mixture, and put the other half of mac and cheese on top. Top that off with all your breadcrumb topping and place it into the oven set to 350ºF for 25 minutes.

  7. For the final mac and cheese method, thanks to our friends at Thrive Market, begin by boiling your brown rice pasta. Boil according to the box’s directions.

  8. To make the low calorie cheese sauce, remove the florets from a head of cauliflower and place in boiling water for about 8-10 minutes until they are extremely soft. Fish the florets out of the water and add to a blender with about a quarter-cup of your boiling water. While that’s blending, add in your grated cheddar, nutritional yeast, turmeric, and salt and pepper to taste.

  9. Blend until incorporated and taste it, salt to your liking! Mix with your cooked and strained pasta and plate.

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