Preserved Lemons

They're cured, lacto fermented, preserved lemons. Whatever you want to call them; they're full of intense citrusy flavor with a soft bite. Definitely one of my very favorite condiments of all time.


  • 10-12 meyer lemons (or normal lemons) *organic is ideal*

  • Kosher Salt

  • MAYBE Lemon Juice if you need more liquid to cover



  1. Cut off a tiny bit from both ends of your lemons.

  2. Take a lemon and cut in half lengthwise, stopping ¾ of the way through. Rotate the lemon 90 degrees and repeat the same process.

  3. Place a lemon in a bowl, open it up and coat generously with salt. Continue this process with all of your lemons and place them all in a glass jar.

  4. Once all of your lemons have been added to the jar, sprinkle with salt and mash to release their juices. Continue until all of the lemons have been compacted and are covered with the lemon juice.

  5. Place a loose lid on the jar to cover and leave out in room temperature to ferment for 3-4 weeks. Continue to check on your lemons to make sure they’re fully submerged in the brine, pressing if needed.